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Review by NORM GOLDMAN - Publisher, Editor, Prolific Book Reviewer, and Author Interviewer

Patrick Daniel is a Canadian Chartered Accountant who has achieved success by the time he was thirty-one. He informs us that his net worth was more than an average person aged sixty-five or older according to American and Canadian statistics. However, what is more admirable about Daniel is that at a young age he realized that true success is achieving a goal that is more than monetary; it must be worthy, and it must include spiritual, emotional, health and career successes.

Daniel strongly believes everyone possesses powers that can modify ourselves and help us make changes in the way we think, the manner in how we handle obstacles, and ultimately how we feel. Once we recognize how to tap into these powers, we will discover how our attitudes change in a positive and constructive way, and thus the path to success becomes that much easier to achieve. It is Daniel's hope that after we have read Finding Your Road To Success:How to get there without getting lost that he will have ignited in us a deeper awareness and understanding of these powers.

To help us on our journey, Finding Your Road To Success provides a piecemeal approach to creating road maps that will lead us to success. The key to these maps is spread over eight chapters that begins with finding our own definition of success which may differ than that of the author's. As we read the opening chapter, we realize that it requires a certain amount of effort or a digging deeper within ourselves to question our values in life. Our definition of success is unique to us and unless we have a clear vision of what success personally means to us, we will be unable to work towards it. Fundamentally, it requires a snapshot of our strengths, weaknesses and what is important to us. Once we get a handle on how we perceive success, the next step will be formulating a road map to help us on our way, that incidentally, will also include many peaks and not just one pinnacle along the way.

As pointed out throughout the book, one success builds on another, however, there will be setbacks and mistakes, nevertheless, these will also help us in building our success. Remaining positive and remembering there are no problems but rather solutions will give us different perspectives of many of life's challenges. In addition, Daniel reminds us, every one is different, but no one is better than anyone else. Blaming everyone but yourself is a sure route to failure.

Much of Daniel's sage advice is pretty straightforward stuff that we probably read or heard about dozens of times in the past but the delivery is refreshing. His chapters are light bright flashes but nonetheless quite powerful. For example, Chapter Seven, Use Positive Relationships To Achieve Success, Daniel illustrates how the more positive relationships we have the more powerful we will be in achieving success. He goes on to point out that the "little guys"are actually the "big guys" and to make friends you must wag your tail like a dog. And finally, as we no doubt have heard many times, it is important to acknowledge our mistakes to gain the trust of the people around us.

What really stands out in this gem of a book is Daniel's use of personal anecdotes and philosophical quotes that play a vital role in conveying his message to the reader. Whether it is his tale of how he overcame some of life's difficulties or the ramifications of following a particular path, these stories convey powerful lessons. Just remember the last two famous lines of poet William Ernest Henley's poem Invictus: "I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul."

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Review by TODD RUTHERFORD - Writer, Publisher, and Book Marking Coach

Finding Your Road to Success--How to get there without getting lost, by Patrick Daniel, CA, is a roadmap to attaining success--and shattering this notion that success is a myth based purely on luck. Through a series of inspirational quotations and personal experiences, Daniel provides his easy-to-understand principles that lead to success.

From adolescents to young adults, and even the elderly, Finding Your Road to Success is aimed at a variety of age groups. Indeed, all can benefit from the proven methods and mindsets presented in Daniel's book. The author reminds us that the human mind cannot retain more than 40% of what it reads the first time around, therefore he suggests adopting a textbook approach with a series of routines that will make this book a cinch to comprehend:

  • Highlight, underline, or use sticky notes for the areas that resonate most strongly.
  • Read, Reread, and Refresh.
  • Attempt to apply and implement into daily routine whenever possible.

Finding Your Road to Success does quite an impressive job in fusing the philosophical nature of success with practical experiences that reinforce an idea. Right from the Preface, Daniel presents readers with inspirational quotes--an excellent way to align their minds with the purpose of the book. Examples of motivational quotes include, "If you expect to be successful, you'll be successful. If you expect to fail, you probably will."

This book emphasizes the journey to success and the need for a map to help in negotiating the twists and turns that occur along the way. More than anything else, Daniel is adamant in pointing the reader away from a negative attitude toward a more positive and constructive frame of mind. At the same time, readers will appreciate his straightforward nature, especially when they come across passages that hit home. For example, one such hard-hitting, eye-opening truth is, "If you feel that your life is not going as you planned, it's most likely your fault. Don't forget, the biggest obstacle to achieving your success is you."

With a number of practical examples to help illustrate important points in achieving success, Finding Your Road to Success is invaluable in uprooting destructive attitudes that serve only to defeat. Furthermore, the book is thoroughly engaging and entertaining as a result of Daniel's down-to-earth examples, many of which deliver moral lessons while imparting a refreshing touch.

One such moral lesson is captured in the tale of the "Donkey in the Well." Instead of being buried in dirt by the townspeople, the donkey in the well used the dirt to climb up, and ultimately out, of the well. The take-home point is that life will throw a barrage of obstacles at you; however, those who succeed use each obstacle as a stepping stone rather than a source of misery, depression, and defeat.

Daniel uses his life experiences and managing of finances to build a strong rapport with the audience. As a successful chartered accountant and owner of his own accounting company, the author's credentials are unquestionably well suited for this book. Finding Your Road to Success is a must-read for anyone who needs a shot of optimism. "Life is filled with solutions, not problems," is at the core of Daniel's "glass half-full attitude," and you'll find this attitude with every turn of the page.

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Review by SANTOSH K. - Reviewer for ‘Readers Favourite Book Reviews and Award Contest’

Patrick Daniel’s “Finding Your Road to Success” is a very interesting read. The book is inspirational in many ways. There are over eight chapters in the book. Each chapter contains message for finding the road to success. Chapter 1 introduces reaching “above average” goals, several definitions of success are presented in Chapter 2. Some distinctions are also sketched between happiness and success. It is in Chapter 3, the author prepares his readers for the roadmap to success. Subsequently, some “thinking”, “action” and “management” strategies are beautifully described in Chapter 4, 5 and 6 respectively. The final two chapters seem to be very important dealing with “positive relationships and ways to stay on road to success”.

Personally, I like the quotes that are nicely presented in the book. Finding your road to success takes off, with the following scintillating sentences, “you may know the story about four people named Everybody, Somebody, Anybody, and Nobody. There was an important job to be done and Everybody was sure that Somebody would do it. Anybody could have done it, but Nobody did it.” Although success has become a taboo term these days, this book provides an excellent approach towards self-success. This craft has been captured based on the author’s personal reflection, experiences and opinions.

The book focused towards self-help readers and each reader might react to a book according to their personal taste and perspective. Moreover, this book is very interesting and a pleasure to read. I feel this book has a general appeal, and can be marketed to a large group of readers.

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Review by DONALD WILSON - Author of 'Because I think, I Believe'

In Finding Your Road to Success, author Patrick Daniel asks the question, “What is your definition of success?” Throughout this well-written book, Daniel lays out for the reader a roadmap to finding a personal success. Although it sounds like Mr. Daniel is, by most common definitions, a pretty successful individual himself, his is not a guide to finding the same kind of success that he has enjoyed. Instead, he walks the reader through a systematic way of understanding what success means to them. Along the way there are many practical guidelines for defining goals and disciplining oneself to achieving them.

Mr. Daniel’s writing style is easy to follow and his logic flows smoothly. I enjoyed the read and would recommend the book to anyone who is interested in the subject matter. I would point out that it is especially useful to young people interested in defining how their future should look.

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Review by KELLY LIBATIQUE - Author of 'Divine Knowledge Transfer'

Finding Your Road to Success by Patrick Daniel was a pleasure to read, and will be a pleasure to re-read. There are a gazillion books out there about “how to be a success,” but Patrick Daniel’s book stands out from the crowd.

First off, this really isn’t a book about “success,” not the way we in Western culture would normally define it. It’s really a work about two things that allude so many in this rat race of life: happiness and satisfaction. Unfortunately, what we call success and what we call happiness very often do not go hand in hand.

Right away you don’t feel like you’re reading a book. Rather, you’re sitting down with Patrick and having a one-on-one with him about life. He doesn’t come across as some “success expert” with a bunch of finger-wagging, cocksure formulas or old clichés. Instead, he simply starts telling you what he’s done, how he’s achieved his own success, and how you can as well if you follow some basic concepts.

Patrick is very transparent and talks openly about himself and his family, his goals, his dreams, and even his failures. He tells you how he’s responded to all these things and how he’s come out ahead as a result. He also shares his faith and why that is so important to him. He makes it clear that what he considers success, and ultimately his goal of “Ultimate Success,” is not necessarily what you and I would choose. His formulas are more like conceptual templates where you, the reader, fill in the blanks.

And all along he backs his views and models with stories; some heart-warming, some serious, some funny, but all applicable. I think my favorite story was how thrilled Patrick was to finally achieve his long term goal of throwing $500 in one shot at a slot machine and how satisfied he was even though he lost (you’ll have to read the book to find out what that is all about).

This book is also packed with rich quotes, worthy of noting, from all kinds of sources, both unknown and famous individuals, as well as the Bible. These quotes, as well as some of the methods he’s used to manage his life (like a budget sheet) are all reprised in one handy section at the end of the book.

All in all, this is a personal and touching work by someone who has achieved success in many ways, including learning to help other, budgeting money, living by ethical standards, and by always being a lifelong learner. Be prepared to read it several times, taking notes and piecing together your own version of how you can find your Ultimate Success as well—there’s way too many nuggets in this work to gather in just one or two shots.

Review by JENNA - Reader

I read this not necessarily because I needed the content (I won the book in a Goodreads Giveaway) but I certainly finished the book with some very useful information.

It's a nice, light book of "guidance". Easy to read and informative, this book is excellent for anyone who is trying to find a new focus in life, for those who are working to discover what "success" means to them. It's a great read for the young adult getting ready to embark on the world, or for the older adult who has lost their way, or for anyone who is simply trying to prioritize their own goals. It takes you through the process of organizing those goals and focusing on what matters, in other words: what makes you happy. The author uses some real life examples of what worked for him and asks the reader to apply in their own lives a few basic concepts that he followed.

Do you need help defining what "success" means to you? Read this book and you just might be able to focus on what matters most.

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Review by KEN UNGERECHT - Author of 'God Theories'

Finding Your Road to Success by Patrick Daniel is a book I would highly recommend reading for every person on the planet. There is nobody who could read that book without learning something they could use to increase the quality of who they are.

And, for anybody who is truly stressed with life, the book presents as clear a road map of how to overcome those struggles as any I have ever read. The book is positive and uplifting and makes it clear that there exists within you the potential to be a happy and fulfilled person. It also, however, makes clear that you are the only one who can actually make that happen.

Excellent and easy to read book that may well be the one to encourage you towards a more fulfilling life no matter how pleased you may already be with that at the moment.

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Review by ALLAN - Reader

I won this on Goodreads as a giveaway. The author was kind enough to sign it. I did not know what to expect from this book. It turns out that it is a very detailed, well written book. I especially like the examples and lists that are included. This book really made me think in a good way. I highly recommend it.

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Review by SUNSHINE - Reader

I absolutely loved the positivity that Patrick has explained in creating a success in what I believe could be used in multiple areas of business, life and relationships. He focuses on beginning with our inner selves which is one of my core beliefs. I think he hit it dead on the mark in the fact that "we" can reach our goals, we need to first believe in ourselves! I am a big believer of the Law of Attraction and self confidence to begin any project we set our minds to.

Patricks delivery was well written and explained in order for anyone with any beliefs or background could easily digest this, as a matter of fact I think when you finish reading this book that you will be able to Triumph over any obstacles to be successful!

If we take zero shots or risks than we will surely get zero shots in or know what we are capable of doing....just believing in ourselves first is the gas that will maintain the forging ahead.

Patrick, thank you for sharing your ideas, and reminding us all that with determination and self love, we are all Authors of our own lives and destinations.

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Review by MELANIE ADKINS - Reader

This book is a guide to help you begin your path to being successful with your goals. A common sense look at the baby steps needed to begin and how to keep track of your goals. Success happens one step at a time. One goal at a time. Don't be discouraged with setbacks, learn from them and go on to the next step. By adjusting the way you think and the way you approach your road to success you can achieve whatever you wish to. Each person's goals are different and everyone moves at a different pace. Don't judge your success by society's idea of success. Be willing to grow, adjust and keep moving. "Life is going to shovel all kinds of dirt on you. But each trouble can be a stepping stone with the right attitude and road map." It's as simple and complex as that.

I love this book. It brings things down to a basic level of understanding so everyone will get something out of it. I like the way Patrick Daniel incorporates his own life experiences and quotes to fit what he's saying in this book. It reminds us of the basic steps we need to take before we can begin to work toward our goals. This book is informative, helpful and one you'll refer to again and again. I think this book should be a must read for anyone but especially those in business who want to climb the ladder so to speak. We've all heard about needing to set goals in our lives, Mr. Daniel gives us the playbook to do just that.

I gave this one 5 out of 5 books because it's a book you need to have.

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Review by MARIE - Reader

After reading the description of this book I decided to enter the first reads giveaway and to my delight I'm a lucky winner! :) I REALLY enjoyed this book. I really like the positive outlook that Patrick provided as well as the tips and I hope to be able to put some of them into practice.

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Review by GOOD BOOKS TODAY - Website

Finding Your Road to Success by Patrick Daniel is an all-in-one success manual. The book covers a multitude of subjects essential to success such as finance, visualization, positive thinking, goal setting, checklists, religion, volunteering, budgets, health and humility that prepare an individual for a life of achievement and fulfillment. Instead of being overwhelmed by the multitude of topics and information, it all seems to come together in one neat package by the end of the book.

What really assists the reader is that the book is very organized and easy to read - it is very conversational in the manner in which the author tells short personal anecdotes or well-known stories and fables to clarify a point or idea. It flows in a logical order from chapter to chapter and there is never a dull section. The examples and stories, sporadically set into the pages, break up the how-to portions of the manual, making the volume more interesting and easier to read. The examples are of ordinary people and the trials, tribulations and insights that they are at the receiving end of and how they deal with them.

The manual is basic, all-encompassing and to the point - a great read for those who fighting the odds and struggling to make something of themselves. References to religion are also brought in for extra impact. Not only does this book guide a person through the steps to successful living, it devotes the final chapter to measuring and staying on the road to success, an extra which most how-to books fail to deliver.

At the end of the book is the authors contact information, a listing of all the quotes used throughout the pages and an example budget template to assist those who need help organizing and tracking their income and expenses.

Finding Your Road to Success is a must read for those who realize they need guidance in deciding upon and achieving their goals. This detailed motivational book is a compilation of tips and suggestions, which can be read over and over again for maximum usage and effect.

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Review by WRITER'S DIGEST - Website

For someone so young, Mr. Daniel has a great deal of impressive experience and advice to share in his book. And he's quite believable, mainly because he puts himself out there, allows himself to be vulnerable, tells it like it is honestly - and therefore he's very likable. Immediately the reader gets caught up in the author's upbeat spirit; he's encouraging but not Pollyanna-ish. His personal anecdotal approach is easy to read, inspirational; the little stories, quotes and nuggets are appropriate, instructive and memorable. As he says, instruction is harder to remember given once, but the author has designed and constructed the book in a way that makes the reader return to his valuable lessons and suggestions. Throughout Mr. Daniel insists that success is solely up to the individual/the reader. Along the way he embellishes this consistent message with his own experience, how-to steps to avoid the pitfalls. Following Daniel's road map, even taking "short trips," is a painless, very reasonable way to find some form of desired success.

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Review by KEMP - Reader

I was looking for a book on the "Plan, Do, Check, Act" quality process, but came across this book. Patrick Daniel did a great job on what a person should do to be successful in work and life. I liked the stories and the life lessons he shares, especially the Mexico trip where he learned, "there are no problems, only solutions." I highly recommend this book to anyone with doubt about what they need to do to be successful. I liked the book so much I book copies for my two grown sons.

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